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Natural Look with Fake lashes

Natural Look with Fake lashes
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Fake lashes could be dramatic and natural, it’s not totally contradictory. Just as the dramatic fake lashes are suitable for an evening or night out look, but when you want a natural look what should you do?

A natural look’s necessary factors:

  • The Right Style of Lashes
    Fake eyelashes don't mean strip lashes, the full strip of lashes that look like a little fan, individual lashes are the best choice. Individual lash clusters come in bunches of three to five single lashes, and they are the best way to get that natural look without the process taking hours. 
  • Quality Material
    Different lashes made by different material, the cheap material which results in unnatural effect. The natural lash look with fake eyelashes needs quality material, such as the material, human hair or high-quality synthetics will be shown the natural look.
  • Placement      
  • Fake lashes placement is always important to point to assure you are natural eye shape. For example, if you have close-set eyes, you should analyze the outer corner of your eye. This will visually pull your eyes apart and result in a more symmetrical look. It also works with small eyes and eyes with hooded lids.


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