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Tips for making your eye makeup last longer

Tips for making your eye makeup last longer
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When you get up early, select the suits, makeup perfectly, there is nobody wants the perfect makeup messed after a few hours, especially for the eye makeup which will look like a panda if it has messed. And the smudged mascara is enough to ruin any beautiful smokey eye. Here are a few tips on how to make your eye makeup last longer.

Tip 1: Start with Primer

Same step of applying primer on your face before foundation, but for eyelids. Maybe before you think to spend money on a primer which wastes money, but it’s really an essential step. The primer will smooth your eyelids and help the eyeshadow to adhere to it without creasing.

Tip 2: Water

Many makeup problems caused dry skin, eyeshadow is no exception. Before applying any eyeshadow, wetting brush with some water, a little water is enough to works. As we just want to help the eyeshadow spread smoothly. Notice that an added bonus the eyeshadow color will look even better because the water makes it more vivid.

Tip 3: Replace mascara with magnetic lashes

A lot of women faced the problem of messed mascara, especially when you are beginners of makeup. Don’t know how to select the quality mascara, don’t know how to apply and last mascara longer. If you choosing the magnetic lashes which will solve the problem easily, it’s enough curly and long which is the best replacement of mascara.


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