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Make up is essential during daily life as it makes us feel confident in ourselves, and usually the morning is very busy, which only leaves us 10 minutes to get ready in the morning. So how to make up quickly to have a natural looking?


Step 1 – Foundation

At first, put BB cream on as you would any face cream but don’t put it on your eyelids, it’s usually not very high coverage because it looks more natural.


Then put your normal face powder on your face, if you have an oily face then you can put more on, if not then around your t-zone will be fine.


Step 2 – Bronzer and highlighter – Get your favorite bronzer and using a bigger brush just quickly swipe this around your cheekbones, forehead and a little on the sides of your nose sort of like you’re contouring. Then using a smaller brush get highlighter and add a little to the higher points of your face.


Step 3 – Eyebrows and magnetic lashes – Lightly fill in brows just for extra pigment and instead of mascara, using magnetic lashes,  it’s easy to get your lashes looking lengthened and looks natural. The most important point, it’s really quickly to apply and remove.


Step 4 – Lipstick - add just a little lipstick by dabbing it on and putting either a light gloss or vaseline on top.


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