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How to protect magnetic lashes.

How to protect magnetic lashes.
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As fake eyelashes became an important part of overall makeup, it’s a kind of most usual makeup in daily life, especially when magnetic lashes in mode. Maybe you know how to apply fake lashes, but do you know how to protect it?

1. Remove magnetic lashes after using

When you come home from work, remove makeup and your magnetic lashes lightly, as you roll around in bed the lashes tangled. Always make sure to remove your magnetic eyelashes at the end of the day, and put them in their original packaging. Get away from water to avoid the magnet rust so that you can use it for more times.

2. Choose quality lashes

There are many kinds of magnetic lashes, whatever price you can find. However, we suggest the more expensive lashes. Not only will they look more natural, but you can also be relieved that your eyelashes can be used for long time and don’t be afraid of dropping when you running or dancing.

3. Get away from mascara

Generally, we suggest you avoid mascara with magnetic lashes. As magnetic lashes are enough long and dark, the effect already be dramatic, the mascara only caused the magnetic lashes are difficult to clean which will tangle the fake lashes.

4. Clean gently

Although magnetic lashes didn’t need to clean every time after using but clean your eyelashes after every few uses are also essential. Just lightly soak them in lukewarm water and clean them then make sure to rinse the lashes thoroughly, once assured they are thirsty and put them into the original package.

Doing these steps, a pair of quality magnetic lashes will last longtime than you imagined.


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