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How to apply magnetic lashes

How to apply magnetic lashes
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There is no doubt that eyelashes become an important part of your overall look, big eyes maybe not so charming, however, eyes with long curly lashes will not be normal. And women make great efforts to lengthen their lashes via the traditional fake lashes, lashes curler, mascara, though mascara is effective at lengthening lashes, it’s far away from the dramatic effect of false lashes, especially the magnetic lashes which is easier to apply and remove. Once you experienced the obvious effect of dramatic magnetic lashes, it'll be difficult to be satisfied with your typical makeup routine.

Below is the complete guide on how to apply magnetic lashes to looks charming!

Applying With The Applicator

1. Hold the applicator horizontally and connect each end of the TOP lash strip to the upper prong.

2. Connect the two BOTTOMlashes strips to the lower prong. Note: Both two lash strips should curve upwards and must be 

3. Hold your applicator so the prong with the TOP lash strip

hovers above your upper lash line and the prong with the BOTTOM strip is underneath.

4. Press prongs together to connect the magnetic strips (they will instantly fasten around your eyelashes), and then quickly release and remove applicator.

Now, your lashes are secure and know the processing of application, removal. So as you can see, it’s really easy and dramatic for your make up routine. Have fun trying out all kinds of different magnetic lashes to discover your special look!


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