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The tips of eye makeup to look your better

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The eye makeup is usually the most important part of the whole visage. And how to look your better with the good eye makeup, there are many tips you need to notice.

Have A Good Night’s Sleep

It’s very important to get the proper amount of rest. The fatigue is the biggest enemy of the good status. If you don’t, you will find that you wake up with puffy eyes. To reduce puffiness, place a cold washcloth on your eyes. Leave on for just a few minutes before you start putting on your makeup.

Always start with the right foundation. You should use a light eye shadow on your upper lids. You could use liquid foundation instead.

The Right Eye Shadows

A medium complexion and brown eyes can look good in almost all eye shadow colors. Daytime eyeshadows that look best are pale beige, medium brown and espresso. The darker shades of brown, navy blue and metallic shades are best worn at night. Women with blue eyes look best in dark brown, navy blue, and cream shades. However, a fair complected woman should use only pale shades during the day. Hazel and green eyes look great with taupe, greens and browns. Gray eyes look great with blue shadow, gray and black.

Curl Your Lashes

You can make your lashes look better by using an eyelash curler or wear the magnetic lashes. Be sure that your eyelashes are clean and place your upper lash between the clamps then the lashes will be fixed.

To make your lashes look natural you can apply the mascara before wearing or adjust the length.

Use these tips to quickly learn how to put your makeup on easily and in a way that enhances your natural beauty. It takes a little practice to get the right look but it won’t be long until you are applying your makeup like a pro!


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