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How to select the magnetic lashes refer to the eye shape?

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Make up is always changing with the different occasion, season and people. There aren’e the totally same apperance in the world which caused the different style and beauty.

Just like the different lipstick’s color suit for the different people, we should select carefully the magnetic lashes’shape refer to the eyes’shape.

Round eyes: The round eyes with the width and height being nearly the same. In order to highlight the round shape, the long, tapered (longer on the ends), and dramatic magnetic lashes is the best choice.

Close-set eyes: The close eyes’distance need the lashes tapered(longer on the ends)to create the illusion which makes your eyes look like bigger and balance. We advise the flared lashes for the close-set eyes.

Wide-set eyes: On the contrary of close-set eyes, the longest hairs being towards the center, full flared lashes will help mask the extra space between your eyes.

Select the different lashes as the eyes’shape, it will be more suitable with your make up.


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