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How to have the cat eyes

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The cat usually be regarded as mysterious, elusive and beautiful, and there are many people describe women are similar with this kind of animals. The same beauty and unpredictability, especially when you make up the cat eyes.

How to looks like fair but mysterious and attract others attention? The important part is the winged eyeliner and the curly lashes. Your liner may be too thick application may come out too thick, not smooth, or not even with your liner on your other eye and the lashes maybe smudged, these are common problems that can be solved by practice coupled with tips to make your application easier.


Except the practice, the right makeup products are also important, such as a felt tip pen style liner and a lashes which is suitable for your eyes shape.

If you have the proper tools and products, all that’s left is learning the proper technique for cat eye makeup. With a bit of practice, product testing, and patience, you’ll be able to have the cat eyes. 

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