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Four steps of the smokey eye

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When we talked about the make up, the eye make up is always the hot subject and the important part. And it seems that the smoky eyes will never be outdated, it’s a good way to express the sexy, cute or others temperament.

How to have a perfect smoky eyes for the beginners?

Step 1: Moisturize your eyes and select the eyeshadow

Just as the essential skin care, before the eye make up please assure you have done the eyes care to make your eyes moist and smooth.

Select the right eyeshadow refer to the different situations is also important. Generally, an eyeshadow primer/concealer 1) will make your eyeshadow last longer 2) will accentuate the eyeshadow color 3) and it will be harder for you to remove your eyeshadow even if you rub your eyes.

Step 2: Strengthen the eyes’shape and highlight the inner corners

We make up in order to cover the weakness of the appearance and stand out the advantages. Using a shade darker than your transition shade or your bronzer to contour the shape and then applying a light shade [or a pop of color] in your inner corners just lock in your eye makeup look and it also opens up your eyes.

Step 3: The eyeliner

The eyeliner’s function is enlarging your eyes, This technique basically consists of  applying a black eyeliner in the upper waterline 1) to darken the roots of the upper lash line 2) to make the eyelashes look fuller.

Step 4: Wear the magnetic lashes

Any eyes makeup without the lashes is incomplete, as heat the eyelashes curler will damaged the lashes, how about wearing the magnetic lashes?

It’s totally convenience for the beginners, you don’t worried about the blooming, after practiced several times, it’s easy to wear.

Looking forward to having a perfect eye makeup.


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