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'Sandwich' Your Lashes-Magnetic Lashes

'Sandwich' Your Lashes-Magnetic Lashes
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Learning how to use magnetic lashes is an interesting process. Unlike adhesive lashes that stick to your eyelid, magnetic lashes use, well, magnets. But this means two sets of lashes are required for each eye. Basically, you "sandwich" your natural lashes between a top and bottom layer of magnetized false lashes. 

To begin, you'll want to rest the top strip of lashes along your lash line while you bring in the bottom lashes and wait for the magical click to let you know they're adhered. While it sounds easy peasy, it will probably take quite a few tries to get your lashes to sit where they're supposed to. Even if you're used to applying adhesive lashes, the technique of applying the magnetic style is quite different. Once you get the hang of it though, you may never go back to the glue.


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