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-Parisian Makeup Artist, Leslie Dumeix said :


I found that the women would wear very little makeup and would focus on their skincare routine instead in France. For French women, the secret is to treat your base as well as you can so you don't have much else to do! That's why I have always been so interested in skincare.

"Also, food is a major part of my skincare routine. Eating healthy and organic food does affect your skin, and maintaining a workout routine is just as important in order to release all the toxins!

"My French origins have definitely influenced my makeup routine, and I always try to ensure my makeup looks effortless. I do wear makeup every day, but the goal is undetectability. It should look natural, not overdone. French women prefer to wear fewer products—we love mascara and a nice lip color! The French-way of beauty influences my work, and I try to highlight natural features as much as I can without going too far!"


-Patrick de Fontbrune is a celebrity makeup artist in Los Angeles, CA.


They'll never go without adding a good curl to the eyelashes. French women always use a lash conditioner," says de Fontbrune, noting that lashes are a very important part of a French woman's beauty routine. Talika offers an amazing lash conditioner that promotes growth and thickness. "She'll always carry a tube of mascara in her purse," he says. 


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