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Make Up for First Time

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Do you still remember your makeup for the first time? For the school’s performance? Just want to try? Having a date on the evening?

There are many reasons for making up, we’re facedwith making decisions everyday when you wake up. Today, there are a important meeting, or yesterday, watched TV too late which makes you look not so good.

All in all, the make up bring a better status, you will be more confidence after making up.

However, when you make up for the first time, there are many difficults and jokes. How to looks like natural, how to choose the lipsticks’color, how to brush mascara, how to let your makeup keep longtime?

Now, you can make up quickly within 20 minutes, the little girl who has smudged mascara became a lady who apply the magnetic lashes, always be dynamic.

The time goes by, the wish for becoming better will not change.


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