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Lashes Tips for Summer

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Summer is always accompanied by high temperature, sweat, whiny mood. If you want a more comfortable before going out in the sun means less time to get ready and a more low-maintenance beauty regime. Magnetic lashes will give you a wonderful solution compares with mascara and traditional false lashes, keeping perfect even when you in the sun. 

First, magnetic lashes will save you time. Nobody want to spend extra time before going out especially outdoors is so hot. However, with magnetic lashes which will save your busy daily morning and is easy to remove when you back home after one day hard-working. 

The little box. Summer is full of vacations, everyone wants to go to beaches but don't worried about the package.  It’s always nice to have one less thing to pack. With magnetic lashes, you needn't worry about bringing the other makeup of eyes.

Waterproof and durable. The biggest problem of eyes makeup of summer is melting, it's absolutely disaster. Magnetic lashes which made of waterproof material. Even though summer activities such as swimming, playing sports, and going to the water park, the magnetic lashes will keep in your eyes.

Natural effect. If you want to look salubrious without makeup, we have the most natural models which are suitable for you. Just show your natural beauty during this summer!

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  • Nicole: June 22, 2021

    Le maquillage pour la première fois

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