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How to add magnetic lashes to your makeup routine

How to add magnetic lashes to your makeup routine
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Sometimes when you are used to doing something, you will not want to change. The makeup, the perfume, the habit, however after a long, boring winter, don’t you want to some changes to your life with warm weather approaching? Getting off the heavy winter coat, bright-colored dress reminds of the beach days, holidays, go hiking, etc.

Associate with the warm weather, besides bright-colored dress, the makeup routine also need some changes. How about adding the magnetic lashes to your makeup routine?

Choosing the light-colored foundation, pink eyeshadow, and blusher, go with nature’s model magnetic lashes, you will look creative and young. All in all, Spring and summer are the most dynamic seasons of the year.

Dressing up and making up with magnetic lashes for a Spring party!


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