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Best way for long lashes

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Lashes as a important part of full face which has the function of protecting our eyes from external agents for exemple the sun’s rays and prevent foreign bodies and bacteria that could give rise to.

Except that, a long and thick lashes have lighten our face in a remarkable way. In order to get the effective result, there are a variety of lashes products.

Mascara: There are many types, to give them more length, more thickness, more volume, etc. However, we are afraid of coming into contact with our eyes.

False eyelashes are also contact with your eyes result in being an uncomfortable and exaggerated.

After using the magnet associated with two pieces of false lashes which are different from the traditional glue false lashes. Don’t be worried of the glue is difficult to remove, just enjoy the long curly lashes. It would be the best way to lengthen your lashes.


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